Oracle Application Framework

Oracle Application Structure uses Java Struts MVC style as the base. It additionally incorporates the EJB from Java to produce various regions and components. An OA Framework page can be made up of a single or lots of areas. There are a lot of readily available regions that include OA Framework, these are called as seeded areas. A region in OAF is a Java Bean that functions as a container for various other regions as well as things.

For this reason it is possible to nest the areas as well as place products in the areas. The naming convention of the areas will itself recommend that just how that area will certainly make the appearance of the items when the page is provided. e.g. a region of style as OA Stack Layout will certainly provide all the items placed inside it in a Heap sort of format i.e. all the items placed in this design of region will certainly be found in a solitary column.

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A Thing in OAF is another kind of Java Bean which cannot hold various other things. An example of a Product can bean OA Message Choice Bean. As the name suggests that this bean. When made, will certainly provide an option box, where Organisation customer can pick a choice from a checklist of offered ones. By default, the initial area on any type of OAF web page needs to be of the design as page layout, this is the fusion hcm training area that develops the seeded links onto the web page as per Oracle Application Framework standards and also standards.

Oracle Application Framework

There are two ways to create areas and things on an OAF web page. These are declarative and also run time. In run time technique you need to import the specific bean. As well as you have to develop a handle of the imported bean. When this is done then you will certainly need to include that deal with to a certain region. This is a little bit complex job and also needs knowledge of at least basic Java.