Privacy Policy

We welcome you to the Switch-Emulator Clinic’s privacy statement.

Switch-Emulator Clinic is devoted to preserving your privacy and personal data. This privacy notice will explain how we handle your personal data when you visit our clinic or website, as well as your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

If you have any concerns about this privacy notice, you may contact us by email at


We are committed to ensuring your privacy is respected and protected. This privacy notice describes the types of information we gather about you and how we use it. The most recent update occurred in May 2018. This policy is subject to revision and updating at any moment. Please revisit this page frequently.


Switch-Emulator Clinic conforms with the Data Protection Acts of 1998 and 2018, the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and the newly implemented General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/6889) (“GDPR”). This policy outlines our methods for ensuring the fair and lawful processing of patients’ personal information. Switch-Emulator Clinic is registered as a data controller with The Information Commissioner’s Office under reference number ZA4088076.

The following are the details that GDPR requires us to provide to you as a ‘data controller’:

• The address of our website is

• Our business is called Ai Beauty Ltd.

• Our registered office is located at 147 Oxford Street,

• You may contact our designated representative at


We gather and process personal information about you in order to offer you with a high degree of aesthetic medical treatment and attention. This personal data includes the following:

  • Your previous and current medical conditions; personal information such as your age, address, telephone number, Wechat contact, and email address; and the name of your primary care physician.
  • Radiography, clinical pictures, and mannequins used in studies
  • Information regarding the therapy we have provided or intend to offer, as well as the associated costs
  • Notes on potential conversations/incidents for which a record must be preserved
  • Permission to treatment records
  • Communication between you and other health care experts, such as those in the hospital or community services.
  • Information about your visits to our website and the resources that you access, such as traffic data, location data, weblogs, and other communication data;
  • Information you supply when you complete forms on our website, such as when you register for information.


If you approach us by a contact form, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, or any other communication channel, we will reply only to that inquiry. If this results in a discourse between us – as we hope it will – we will continue communicating on the understanding that we are doing so at your request, which you may withdraw at any time.


When you register with us, we add your information to our list of opted-in subscribers. We keep track of your expressed interest in order to guarantee that we only approach you with pertinent material. (from which you may unsubscribe at any time by emailing

We shall guarantee that your personal data is treated properly, fairly, and openly, without jeopardising your rights, as required by GDPR. We will handle your personal data only if one of the following conditions is met:

1. you have consented to the processing of your personal data for a specified purpose or reasons;

2. processing is required to carry out a contract to which you are a party or to take actions at your request before to entering into a contract;

3. processing is essential for us to comply with a legal obligation;

4. processing is essential to safeguard your or another natural person’s fundamental interests;

5. processing is essential for the controller to carry out a duty in the public interest or in the exercise of official power; and/or

6. processing is necessary for the purposes of our or a third party’s legitimate interests, such as credit card payment processing, except where such interests are superseded by the data subject’s fundamental rights and freedoms requiring protection of personal data, particularly where the data subject is a child.


On rare occasions, we may collect information about your computer while you are on our website. This helps us to enhance our services and, if appropriate, to send statistical information about how our website is used to our advertisers.

This information will not individually identify you; rather, it will be used to compile statistics about our visitors and their usage of our site. This statistics data does not contain any personally identifiable information. As with the preceding, we may collect information about your general internet usage through the use of a cookie file. Wherever these cookies are used, they are immediately transferred to your machine. This cookie file is saved on your computer’s hard disc because cookies include information that is sent to the hard drive of your computer. They assist us in always improving our website and the service we deliver to you.

All computers are equipped with the ability to reject cookies. This may be accomplished by enabling the cookie refuse setting on your browser. Please keep in mind that if you deny cookies, you may be unable to access certain areas of our website. Additionally, our advertisers may utilise cookies, which we have no control over. When you click on adverts on our website, such cookies (if utilised) will be downloaded.


Our website may include links to third-party websites. Each of these websites should have its own privacy statement, which you should review. We take no responsibility or obligation whatsoever for their policies, since we have no control over them.


1. We must maintain complete and correct personal data about our patients in order to provide them with safe and appropriate medical care, to fulfil our contractual obligations to you, and to inform you of our fees.

2. Where you have consented, we may send you information, new treatments, new products, promotions, newsletters, and other available resources via Wechat, emails, SMS, or other communications you have shared with us, or through customised online advertisements (which you may opt out of at any time by sending an email to

If you are already a customer, we will communicate with you electronically exclusively about products that are comparable to those previously sold to you.

If you are a new customer, you will be contacted only if you consent to being contacted.

If you do not wish to be contacted for marketing purposes, do not check the applicable opt-in box on the screen.

Additionally, if you do not want us to use your personal data for any of the other purposes listed in this section, you can contact us at and we will erase your data from our databases. You accept, however, that this will restrict our ability to offer you with the best possible service.

In some instances, the gathering of personal data is a legislative or contractual necessity, and we will be unable to offer you with certain services if you do not supply your personal data.


We will treat your personal data in the following ways:


We shall maintain your medical records for eleven years, or until you cease to be a practise patient, or until you reach the age of twenty-five for children (with parental/guardian approval).



Personal data about you is stored electronically in the practice’s computer system and/or manually in the practice’s file system. The information is not accessible to the general public and is only accessible to authorised members of staff. Our computer has secure audit trails, and we regularly back up data.


If our website or surgery’s computer system suffers a data breach of any type, you will be notified. We will regularly analyse and monitor our website’s and computer system’s security. Additionally, we shall adhere to our obligation to notify the Information Commissioner’s Office when necessary.


To provide you with appropriate and safe medical treatment, we may need to release personal information about you to the following entities:

  • Your primary care physician
  • A hospital or other medical facility;
  • Other health care experts who are assisting you
  • The Internal Revenue Service

If you are a member of a private medical programme.

Disclosure will be on a ‘need-to-know’ basis, which means that only those individuals/organizations who require the information to provide care to you and administer the government properly (and whose workers are under to rigorous confidentiality regulations) will get it. Only the information required by the receiver will be released.

Personal data may be provided to a third party unrelated to your health care in very restricted situations or as required by law or a court order. In all other circumstances, we will disclose information that is not protected by this Code of Practice only with your express agreement.

You will be notified of these demands for disclosure whenever practicable.

We may enter into contracts with other parties to provide services on our behalf. Payment processing, search engine functionality, advertising, and marketing are only some examples. Third parties may occasionally demand access to some or all of your data. These are the third parties to whom your information may be disclosed:

  • Payzone International Ltd.
  • Facebook

Where we are forced to use any of your data for this purpose, we will take all reasonable efforts to ensure that it is handled properly, securely, and in accordance with your rights, our duties, and the third party’s requirements under GDPR and the law.


We utilise third-party advertising services such as Taboola, Facebook, Google’s advertising services, and other ad networks and ad servers to display advertisements for our Services on other websites and apps you visit. The advertisements may be based on information we have about you, such as your Usage Data on our website, as well as information collected by these ad service providers through their tracking data. Ads may be targeted to your interests based on your current activity or behaviour over time and across several sites and services.

Depending on the advertising services we employ, they may store cookies or other tracking technologies on your computer, phone, or other device in order to gather data about your use of our Services and may access those monitoring technologies in order to display you these customised adverts. To assist these service providers in delivering targeted advertising, we may give them with a hashed, anonymized version of your email address (in an unreadable format) and material that you post publicly on the Services.


You have the option of not having your data used for marketing purposes. This may be accomplished by specifying your choices on our forms or by emailing us at at any time.

You have the following rights under the GDPR:

• without charge, seek access to, deletion of, or correction of your personal data stored by us;

  • make a request for the transfer of your personal data to another party (data portability);
  • be notified about the data processing activities;
  • impose restrictions on processing;
  • to exercise your right to object to the processing of your personal data; and
  • file a complaint with the appropriate supervisory authority.

Additionally, you have rights to automated decision-making and profiling, if applicable.

To exercise any of the aforementioned rights or to ask any other questions regarding our site or this privacy notice, please contact us at or Switch-Emulator Clinic, 106 Guild Street, LONDON SE17 8EY.

Within 30 days of receipt of your request, we will send you with a copy of your record.


If you do not want your personal data to be shared or used in the manner stated in this privacy notice, please speak with your practitioner. You have the right to object, but doing so may jeopardise our ability to provide medical treatment to you. ​


If we make changes to our privacy notice, we will update this page. We may also email you if we so want.